• Study Abroad.

    The International Student Services (ISS) is a regional organization which facilitates the student’s enrollment for international studies.

  • Explore the new SERVICES.

    The precursor of the International Students Services is set up to conduct functions such as administration, planning, liaison, and coordination of international student exchange programs.

  • Handling Of Financial Aid.

    The International Student Services is responsible for sending and receiving students to or from other countries and the handling of financial aid for international students.

  • Study Trip Planning.

    It is also involved in study trip planning and the coordination of vocational programs.

  • Cultural Events.

    *Specialized programs and events to foster social and cultural adjustment.


The International Student Services is your starting point and your ongoing support throughout your studies in abroad. We provide a wide range of services and host varieties of fun events and informative workshops. If you are a prospective candidate, please contact our offices for more information. Join our Facebook group called “International Student Services” to receive important updates, learn about academic and social opportunities, view photographs and make contact with friends. Know More


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Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a difference between a university and a college ?

International students are often confused about the difference between universities and colleges. Some use the terms interchangeably, since both refer to institutions of higher learning where students complete four-year programs leading to an undergraduate degree. Historically, universities have also offered graduate and doctoral degree programs, while colleges have not. However, many colleges—such as ISS-College have recently added selected graduate programs to their academic offerings. We offer several graduate programs also.

Is ther a special application for international Studdents ?

No. International students should follow regular admission procedures for first-year students or transfer students.

How do i apply for an undergraduate program as a First-Year international student ?

If you have finished secondary school and have not attended university, please submit:

  • Application Slip
  • A high school transcript and/or GCE results (if your transcript is not in English, we also require a certified translation)
  • Birth Certificate
  • International Passport
  • 4 Passport Photograph

How do i transfer from a Two-to-Four year College to ISS-College ?

If you have attended a university or College already, please submit:

  • Application Slip
  • Transcripts from Previous College (if your transcript is not in English, we also require a certified translation)
  • Birth Certificate
  • International Passport
  • 4 Passport Photograph

Do you need my Transcript ?

Yes. You can send either the original or a certified copy of your transcript, as well as your leaving/national exam certificates, directly to ISS College. These should be in their original language, accompanied by a certified English translation(other languages), and should bear the school’s official stamp or seal. The secondary school credentials list included in the International Guide for Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions provides a list of the credentials required as part of your application to ISS.

Do you offer scholarships or other financial aid to international students ?

Yes. Although ISS cannot offer need-based aid to international students, those who are academically well-qualified are eligible for a limited number of merit-based scholarships.

What are my payment options ?

* You can pay via an international wire transfer. Contact Student Financial Services.
* You can pay online on PayStack with your credit card, Visa, MasterCard
* You can pay in person by cash or check at Student Finacial Services.
* You can mail your payment by check or credit card to Student Financial Services.

What are my housing options ?

Most international first-year students live in residence halls on campus. International transfer students can also live in campus housing if they notify the Office of Residence Life in a timely manner, or they can arrange for private housing.

How do i reserve campus housing ?

You can apply for housing via our Online Hostel reservation System(Visit)

Is campus housing available before the term starts, and during holidays and breaks ?

Campus housing is available one week prior to the international student welcome. Some campus housing remains open during holidays and breaks for international students who need it, but food service is limited at those times.