Immigration Advising

Personalized Advising
ISS offers on-campus immigration advising for all currently registered or admitted international students, free of charge. This advising is offered by our Agents, Immigration Student Advisor and Regulated Beninios Immigration Consultant (RBIC).
Application procedures related to Immigration processes and Residence::
* Stamping Of international passport().
* Collection of YelloCards(For Health Services).
Upon getting to Benin
* Study Permit
* Temporary Resident permit
* Work- On Campus, Off Campus, and Volunteering
* Post-Graduation Work Permit
* Spousal Work Permits
* Permanent Residence
* and any other immigration related matters.

International Tutor Program
What Is It?
All universities in Benin offers International Tutor Program that provides French language and English language tutoring in particular subjects.
How Does It Work?
Students meet with tutors one-to-one to receive help with courses, study skills, paper writing, exam preparation, and doing assignments.
Students can choose to be tutored in English, French.
Tutoring is available for select introductory courses, academic writing skills, as well as a limited number of upper year courses. Fill out and submit your Tutor Request Form to determine if a tutor is available in your subject area. Each student can receive up to 1 hour of free tutoring per week.
*NOTE: Additional courses and areas of tutoring may be available in the future, as well as additional first language tutoring options. Languages and subjects listed here are subject to change without notice. Who Is It For? This program is for any international undergraduate student who needs more support and help with successfully understanding and completing courses.