Course Selection and Registration

Once you have received an official "Letter of Acceptance" from The University of Winnipeg, you can start selecting-courses and preparing to register. Most programs at Universities are not laid out in a year-by-year format. You are given some freedom to choose when and which courses to take. You make your own course and the TIMETABLE will created for You. Programs at each of The Universities in Benin Rep typically run from September to April(Full Session) and June to August for Summer. Many students attend Fall Term (Sept to Dec) and Winter Term (Jan to Apr), and then work or travel during the summer. But you can also take courses during Spring Term (various dates throughout June to August).
International students must enrol as full-time students. This means that you need to register in courses in both Fall and Winter Terms (Sept-Apr) and take a minimum of 19 to 21 credit hours (i.e. 8-10 courses) per semester.

International Students Orientation

When you first arrive in the University, you may have lots of questions! The ISS Orientation is designed to help you make a smooth transition to life in Benin. Held at the start of each Term (Fall, Winter and Spring), orientation provides important information on things like health insurance, university policies, and how to succeed in your studies.