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The International Student Services (ISS) is a regional organization which facilitates the student’s enrollment for international studies.The precursor of the International Students Services is set up to conduct functions such as administration, planning, liaison, and coordination of international student exchange programs. The International Student Services is responsible for sending and receiving students to or from other countries and the handling of financial aid for international students. It is also involved in study trip planning and the coordination of vocational programs.

* Consultations with students and scholars on universities’ admission and immigration and visa matters
* Specialized programs and events to foster social and cultural adjustment
* Personal advising and counseling on social issues

We provide student support services that promote the development and integration of students from their entry to progress to completion of their studies in universities. We are committed to providing streamlined services that remove barriers for students of all abilities and ages with a special focus on students from anglophone countries studying in francophone countries. We achieve this by:

- Advising and Facilitation the University Admission Processes and supporting international students’ community.
- Striving to increase the visibility of universities and promote educational and cultural exchange.


To promote and support efforts to internationalize academic curricula, afford every student the opportunity to study abroad, increase the number and diversity of international students on campus, support international faculty collaboration, and to foster links with higher education and academic credentials evaluation institutions around the world.


- Accuracy & Consistency: We follow processes and provide advising services consistently, thoroughly, and accurately.
- Diversity & Inclusion: We respect cultural differences and the multiple dimensions of our populations’ identities and cultivate an inclusive environment.
- Collaboration: We establish links between learning institutions and job markets that enable graduates’ entrepreneurship insertion.

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